October 5, 2017- Hunter and Gather

online design shopping


I am a hunter/gatherer naturally (and I mean that metaphorically, I dont' hunt animals). I mean... that I love finding new products, new artisans and new resources. Especially new artisans.  People are always asking me how I found this or that but you have to want to meander down unknown roads to find inspiration.    The purpose of this blog is to share all these incredible finds with you.  I used to horde my finds because I thought that is what made me unique…. but after having so many people share great things with me on how to start a business I realized that sharing makes us all one great community.   

I mean if we are all on our phones or devices of choice anyway, we might as well form online communities.


I believe we will share more than our finds because everyone likes to see good design, right?  Enough talking right…. Bring on the goods….


Citizenry - http://www.the-citizenry.com

L’aviva home - http://www.lavivahome.com

Consort - http://www.consort-design.com

Suite NY - http://www.suiteny.com

1st Dibs- http://www.1stdibs.com